The Principals of SDEB5RC came together from different practice and industry areas to encourage economic growth through both EB-5 and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In the last several years there has been a greater demand from foreign investors through both the EB-5 Program and FDI to deploy capital safely and effectively into the US market. The US is considered a stable global economy and as such is in high demand from foreign nationals and companies.

Our mission is to encourage, source and place foreign investment into unique projects within high unemployment neighborhoods for job creation purposes and economic impact. These are areas where real job creation and new development is critical and needed.

Our team is comprised of due diligence, immigration, legal, management consulting, marketing, finance and analysis professionals which gives us a unique view of the industry and where it is headed. More importantly, we are deeply integrated in the local business and development community and are able to distinguish what projects simply meet the EB-5 Program’s requirements and what actually sells in today’s market.

We’ve developed a turn key EB-5 solution for all stakeholders, first by minimizing risk to the investor with help from industry experts. This process dictates how we evaluate potential sponsorship opportunities, where to offer a project and how to manage the investor’s immigration process.

Executive Team

Matt Belcher

Founder & CEO 


Matt Belcher is a seasoned executive and business developer engaged in many aspects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), large-scale real estate developments, foreign trade and commerce both into and out of the US. He resides in Southern California (from England) and is a resource for...


Travis Hook

Founder & COO 


Travis Hook is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of San Diego EB-5 Regional Center. Founding the Regional Center as lead project analyst, driving the company’s short and long term prospects focused on economic impact analysis and project due diligence. Mr. Hook received his Bachelors of Science from Baylor University...


Stephanie Sy

Immigration & Counsel


Stephanie Sy, co-founder and attorney at Sy and Smith, has years of experience in Immigration Law, Family Law, Personal Injury and Proposition 65. Previously, she was a partner at USA Immigration Legal Group, LLP, where she handled a variety of legal matters, including family-, employment- and investment-based petitions...


Advisory Board

Vrajesh Chokshi

International Investment

Shital Shah

Tax Strategy

Jignesh Chokshi

Real Estate Assets