EB-5 For Developers

Access to Foreign Capital through the Immigrant Investor Visa Program.

EB-5 Sponsorship

  • Design and implement EB-5 strategy for Project developer
  • Assistance with structuring the EB-5 Project and Offering
  • Participation in design and implementation of marketing strategy
  • USCIS job creation and investor reporting

Issuer & Lender

  • Formation of EB-5 Fund entities
  • Source foreign capital
  • Manage investor persons
  • Provide EB-5 Capital financing for job creating purposes
  • EB-5 Equity or Loan model
  • Maximum financing based on Job Creation

Fund Management

  • Management of EB-5 Fund entities
  • Report information on project progress and implementation
  • EB-5 Escrow, Fund and Loan/Equity administration
  • Maintain USCIS, SEC, IRS compliance and reporting requirements

The $500,000 Question

Targeted Employment Area

The first step for a Project’s evaluation is determining the minimum investment amount under the EB-5 Program. A Targeted Employment Area (TEA) may be a Rural Area or a High Unemployment Area as designated by the appropriate state authority. The Project’s site and contiguous census tracts are evaluated for TEA status to determine minimum EB-5 investor capital contribution amount. We utilize the latest published unemployment statistics to determine TEA eligibility.

The required EB-5 investment amount is lowered from $1 million to $500,000 dollars if the EB-5 project is conducted in a targeted employment area. In order to be designated as a TEA, the EB-5 project must be located in either a rural area or in a location that has high unemployment.

The map below demonstrates highlighted census tracts which currently qualify and TEAs. As one can see, the City of San Diego and even areas downtown meet the requirements.

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Determine if your Project qualifies for $500,000 or $1,000,000 investment level.

Steps to EB-5 Funding

1. Obtain Project Information

In order for us to begin structuring an EB-5 program, it is necessary for us to build an in-depth understanding of the Project, its development timeline and its funding needs and timing. To accomplish this, we typically would need to review the following materials:

  • Pro forma cash flow model
  • Proposed sources and uses of funds
  • Development timeline
  • Business plan
  • Market information
  • Relevant risk factors to the project’s timing, funding, and feasibility

2. Term Sheet

Based on the documents in section 1) and additional follow-up with the Project team, we will then enter into negotiations to draft and execute a term sheet.

3. EB-5 Feasibility & Design

We work with the Project team to determine the timing, sizing, and marketability of an EB-5 loan. This involves the engagement and management of the required EB-5 professionals including an EB-5 economist, immigration attorney, securities attorney, EB-5 business plan writer, etc.

A number of documents prepared by several professional groups are required for a successful EB-5 Project submission. For well prepared Project, a typical timeline from data gathering to a Project ready to subscribe investors is 2-3 months. We have established channels and experienced EB-5 service providers who offer significant discounts due to volume of work provided by San Diego EB-5 Regional Center efforts.

  • TEA Support Letter
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • EB-5 Business Plan
  • EB-5 Marketing Materials
  • Regional Center Agreement
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Limited Partnership Agreement
  • EB-5 Loan Agreement
  • Escrow Agreement

Project owners are sent the San Diego EB-5 Regional EB-5 Project information request (Request) and a protected online folder is created to manage and gather Project materials and shared with each party involved in real time.

4. EB-5 Market Promotion

After the project is Sponsored by the Regional Center, is fully documented, and the marketing materials are put in place, the Project is marketed abroad. It’s not a simple process, but with some guidance from experienced service providers, a developer can get their project into the market relatively quickly and cost effectively.

5. Fund Administration and Reporting

We will manage all fund administration and reporting requirements to the EB-5 investors, USCIS, IRS, SEC and other government agencies through trusted EB-5 Solutions. We will also assist you in developing a regular reporting system to fulfill all USCIS requirements for EB-5 job creation demonstration.

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